Downhill ski, Tsaghkadzor city

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Downhill ski, Online

Take a look at the online webcam view of Downhill ski, Tsaghkadzor city, Armenia. The infrastructure of tourism is highly developed in Tsaghkadzor, with many luxurious hotels, resorts and amusement facilities. The Tsaghkadzor ski resort is located just above the town, on a height of 1750m above sea level. During the recent years it was fully modernized. The current structure replaced existing soviet era lifts. There were initially 3 consecutive lifts stretching from the foot of the mountain (1969m above sea level) up till the mountain peak (2819m). In 2006 a 4th lift was added, stretching from the end of the first stage towards an opposite hilltop, thus adding 2 trails, both leading down to the foot of the slopes.

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