David of Sasun


David of Sasun
  • 19/04/2018 16:00
  • State Chamber Musical Theater
  • 1 Proshyan street, 1st Blind Alley,

    (+374-10) 58 88 13

  • 1000 - AMD

Author: Hovh. Tumanyan

Staged by David Hakobyan

Musical arrangment: Armen Margaryan

“David of Sasun” is a generalization of the whole way of Armenian history, the reflection of its struggle, the synthesis of its culture, world view and experience. David is the favourite hero of the Armenian nation. He’s strong and funny, brave and naive. He dares not to obey Melick, not to pay the tribute. The people who brought him up have complicated and intricate relationship, but David unites them and symbolizes their common will and heroic spirit in the struggle.