Sexual Chaos in the Hotel


Sexual Chaos in the Hotel
  • 18/05/2018 19:00
  • State Chamber Musical Theater
  • 1 Proshyan street, 1st Blind Alley,

    (+374-10) 58 88 13

  • 1000 - 2000 AMD

Author: Ray Cooney
Director: Honored Artist of RA, David Hakobyan
Designer: Mary Areyan
Musical arrangment: Armen Margaryan

Prime minister’s assistant Richard Willy and the opposition leader’s secretary Jane have a date in one of the biggest hotels in London. But suddenly they find a dead body of a man in the room. They have to hide it, so that nobody knows about their date, because both of them must be in other places. Richard calls his own assistant George to find a way from that awkward situation. So George does his best to save his immediate supervisor. Suddenly Ronney /Jane’s husband/, Pamela /Richard’ wife/, Gladys /George’s mother’s nurse/ and other people come to the room. In order to hide the dead body George dances with it, seduces the women, pretends another man, and so on. But who is that dead man? How did he get there? Is he really dead? It seems the heroes can never get out of that situation, but they do it funny and witty.