To Arms!


To Arms!
  • 27/01/2018 19:00
  • Yerevan State Chamber Theater
  • 58 Mashtots Avenue,

    (+37410) 56 60 70

    (+37410) 58 78 44

  • 1000 - 3000 AMD

Author and director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan.

Tragicomedy, 2 acts, 110 min.

The Yerevan State Chamber Theater’s new play, a play that we can surely say is a reflection of our times.

A reality that does not only belong to Armenia but also to any other country that willingly or unwillingly is dragged into the projects of the… let us say “super countries”.

Projects that affect the country’s general lifestyle, economy, traditions etc.The heroes of the play are looking for an exit from that situation, trying to go to places that they think are safer, with a better chance to live and create, work and achieve.

Let it be in space, on earth, in the mountains, even under the water.The heroes’ talk, think, plan, quarrel when the “super countries” shout at them, make fun of them, wave a finger at them, and even make decisions that are not only incomprehensive but also unacceptable.

At some part of the play, there is a situation in which one of the performers writes “NO EXIT” on the wall, because it seems that are forgotten or lost all the values and all the names that served as an example for these people, starting from the beginning of the country’s history.

A country that survived the past millennia and has still a long way to go - walking side by side with other countries - recognizing and respecting each other’s rights, traditions, culture and power- the power that any country has. So “I Zen” TO ARMS that means culture, language, traditions, and any other weapon available for peaceful and creative lifestyle.