2012 was a successful year for Yerevan in the sphere of international relations

"2012 was a quite an effective year from the point of view of international cooperation of Yerevan", said the head of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Municipality David Gevorgyan summarizing the foreign cooperation of Yerevan. The largest community of the republic Yerevan has partner ties with 50 foreign cities with 36 of which it has contractual cooperation based on agreements, treaties, programs.

"The international cooperation and foreign relations of Yerevan are targeted at attraction of resources to Yerevan, at expansion of the geography of its international cooperation and at making Yerevan more recognizable and more attractive", presented David Gevorgyan.

The head of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Municipality of Yerevan attached importance to the number of visits, mutual visits and achievement of new cooperation taken place last year. David Gevorgyan pointed out the official visits of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan to Marseille, Lyon, during which a wide circle of issues related to partnership between sister cities was discussed.

"Foreign relations of Yerevan are widening year by year because Yerevan as a unit of the net of the cities worldwide is becoming more attractive for our partners. In 2013 we also have a goal and this is the position of Mayor Taron Margaryan, to expand the geography of cooperation due to preparing and fulfilling precise, effective programs. Particularly, a program of large-scale cooperation with the Municipality of Tehran is being working out presently. A wide partnership is also planned with El-Kuwait, Stavropol, Bucharest", said the head of the Department of Foreign Relations.

In the context of cooperation the speaker attached special importance to establishment of official cooperation between Yerevan and Stepanakert which is based on program cooperation.

According to David Gevorgyan, one of the most important tasks for the Municipality of Yerevan is to exchange experience with partner cities. As the best example David Gevorgyan pointed out the foundation of Lyon Garden in the administrative district of Erebuni which built due to co-financing and on the base of the experience of Lyon in garden arrangement.

"One of important directions of cooperation for us is the cooperation with international-European and regional structures”, said David Gevorgayn outlining the membership of Yerevan in the community of European cities-EUROCITIES which includes 170 European and regional cities.

2012 was also a year full of big events. Delegations from partner cities of Yerevan were hosted on the event of declaration Yerevan as World Book Capital, then on the celebrations of 2794th anniversary of Yerevan. Days of Moscow and Saint Petersburg were organized in Yerevan last year.