In 2013 modernization of advertisements means placed in Yerevan will be carried on

In 2013 modernization of advertisements means placed in Yerevan will be carried on The work done in 2012 and the details of the plans for 2013 were presented by the head of the Department of External Design and Advertisement of the Municipality of Yerevan Araz Baghdasaryan.The head of the department considers the formation of the favourable legislative ground an achievement of the sphere in 2012. The changes in the RA law on advertising give the powers to apply administrative fines towards unfair advertisers to the Mayor of Yerevan.


Besides economy entities the unfair residents who will stick announcements and leaflets in improper places such as poles of electricity and external walls of building will be fined, too. Since 2012 the Municipality of Yerevan has been placing special boards provided for announcements and noted in lively places. "I urge not to take such steps. For each sheet stuck in unpermitted place the citizen is to be fined up-to hundredfold rate of minimal salary. We have to take suck strict actions so as to keep our city clean", said Araz Baghdasaryan. The head of the Department of External Design and Advertisement outlined in the work done in 2012 the process of dismantling of out-of-date metallic advertisement constructions remained since the USSR on the roofs of the buildings.

In 2013 they will carry on the program of installing advertising means corresponding to the city format as well as the program of replacing big advertising means with smaller ones applying innovative approaches and ideas. "Those means of advertisement which have been placed for years (we mean big advertisement boards) should be gradually replaced with the ones of smaller sizes corresponding to the city format. We have started negotiations with the companies managing the advertising boards.


The proposed variants are electronic advertising means-cylindrical and so on, accessories having different practical use in city furnishing such as clocks, benches, bus stop cabins", said Araz Baghdasaryan. As an example of contemporary advertising means the head of the department pointed out the special boards bearing the name "Yerevan herald" which are provided for announcements about cultural events. "Following the policy of Mayor Taron Margaryan the department has done everything to put cooperation between the community and the private sector on good basis. Without burdening the city budget due to cooperation with the private sector the activities total cost of which is AMD 500 million have been fulfilled in Yerevan. 7 overground crossings have been built where as a means of payment it has been permitted to place the ad of the sponsoring company.


In 2013 it is planned to build another 7-8 overground crossings", said Araz Baghdasaryan and added that due to the cooperation with private sector electronic timetables will be placed too which will partially serve as an advertising means. The projects of 3D pictures and graffiti will be carried on too. The projects of graffiti have been started particularly on the event of Yerevan declaration World Book Capital, besides, taking into account the positive responses the project is to be expanded. We’d like to remind that before starting the celebrations a number of portraits of Armenian and world classics were painted in creative solutions on the walls of a number of buildings.