6th season of the official city tourist program “Yerevan City Tour” is over

According to the tourism unit of Yerevan City Hall, taking into account the weather conditions, the official city tourist program “Yerevan City Tour” finishes its 6th season on November 1.
Within the period from March to October of 2017 approximately 6000 people made use of the tourist program,3000 of which are tourists from Russia, USA,France,Germany,Iran and Philippines. During the season of “Yerevan City Tour” working a number of programs of social significance for schoolchildren, students, elderly and disabled people were organized. In 2017 a new route “Night Yerevan” was also worked out which made it possible for tourists and townspeople to enjoy night Yerevan.
Within the frames of “Yerevan City Tour” program the tourism unit actively cooperated with tourism magazines “Tour-info”, “Touristic Armenia”, “Yerevanresto”, “Armenia” and the organization “Yerevan card” and “I am Armenia”. It should be noted that “Yerevan City Tour” was recognized “Best touristic project of the year”.
“Yerevan City Tour” will start the organization of excursions in the spring of 2018.