The assessment of the residents of Yerevan obliges to redouble the efforts and achieve better results


During the first working conference of 2013 Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan referred to the results of the studies called "Yerevan residents about Yerevan" carried out by the Armenian Marketing Association and  the Armenian representation of  Gallup International Association according to which the changes recorded in the capital in the recent year were given positive assessment by 78% of the inquired residents. The Mayor stressed that this fact is encouraging and obliging at the same time.

Press Information


To eliminate the inconveniences caused by the snow fallen in the capital the communal services started snow cleaning activities in the streets, pavements and yard areas  at night of January 9 and are still going on working.As a whole 226 units of special machinery are involved in the work including 56 snow cleaning trucks, 62 salt sprinkling, 22 pavement cleaning ones and 34 tractors "Belarus GSB". Additional 7 graders were involved at night hours.

Merry children’s actions in Azatutyan square


Festive actions arranged by the Municipality of Yerevan are still going on in the capital. Since January 3, in Azatutyan square merry events have been organized for children as well. The Armenian participants of Children's Eurovision, song and dance groups, theaters and studios, popular groups, as well as heroes of cartoons and fairytales participated in the events.