A visit of the parents of about 300 fixed period soldiers to NKR, Syunik and Tavush marzes has been

By the initiative of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan in the evening of January 27 the parents of about 300 fixed period soldiers living in Yerevan set out to the NKR, Tavush and Syunik marzes on comfortable buses to celebrate the Armenian Army day with their sons.

The persons responsible for the arrangement of the program reported the Mayor that as it had been provided the staffs of the administrative districts in accordance with the lists submitted beforehand selected the needy families the sons of which had been serving in the army for more than a year.

It was also reported that along the entire way the buses were to be accompanied by the Road Police cars and besides, each bus had been provided with a doctor. The responsible persons also mentioned that the residents had also been provided with food.

After listening to the report Mayor Taron Margaryan got acquainted in person with the facilities of the buses, congratulated the parents on the event of the Armenian Army day and wished them a happy journey.

Expressing gratitude to the Mayor for such an initiative the soldiers' parents in their turn congratulated Taron Margaryan and said that due to similar actions it is proved once again that the city authorities really appreciate the role and the significance of the Armenian Army.