The Mayor of Yerevan voted at the polling station N 1/17 in Avan district

At 12.00 Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan together with the members of his family participated in the RA Presidential election at the polling station N 1/17 located in the school N 177 after G. Starovoitova in the administrative district of Avan. After voting the Mayor answered the journalists’ question regarding his vote and particularly said: "As a citizen of the Republic of Armenia I voted for the sake of the future of Armenia. And in general, every person has a private view on future and from this point of view as the Mayor of Yerevan I have made my choice for the sake of Yerevan and the welfare of its residents, for the sake of carrying on the programs we have already put into life and will go on implementing consistently for the sake of our state and people".


Taron Margaryan also assured that the city authorities carried out all the necessary preparations determined by law to organize and hold in Yerevan proper level of the RA Presidential elections.