March 8 flash mobs in different parts of the capital

By the instruction of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan within the frames of the events arranged on the event of March 8 the passers-by witnessed the most unexpected action in the area adjacent to the crossing of North avenue and Abovyan street-a flash mob.

A number of young people dressed in the same clothes for a few minutes performed interesting Armenian dance in modern motives. At the end of the dance the boys congratulating the women's on the event drew an image of 8 with red tiles.

The witnesses thanked the Municipality and personally Mayor Taron Margaryan and admitted that they were surprised and admired with the surprised.

The participants addressing congratulations the passing women moved to Mashtots avenue by "Yerevan City Tour" buses. Here the small dance performance gathered women and girls around it.

Flash mobs were organized during the day in Garegin Nzhdeh square in the administrative district of Shengavit in the area of statue of Guy in Nor Nork district and at the monument to Zoravar Andranik in Malatia-Sebastia.