During the coming tree planting it is planned to plant 32 thousand trees and bushes in the capital

During the regular working conference chaired by Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Kamo Areyan, regarding the activities determined within the citywide clean-up announced for March 23 and 24 it was instructed to carry out consistent activities and keep everyday control to provide clean and proper situation in the placed requiring complex sanitary cleaning. Besides, on behalf of Mayor Taron Margaryan he thanked all the structures participated actively in the clean-up.

Referring to the issue of landscaping in the capital the head of the Department of Nature Protection reported that in the coming tree planting 32 thousand trees and bushes are provided for planting. Conveying the instruction of the Mayor, Kamo Areyan said that the large-scale tree planting should include all the zones formerly considered forest zones which are provided with irrigation network.

It was instructed to activate the drain pipe cleaning activities to avoid possible problems during rains.

Related to the activities directed at restoration of damaged electricity posts the representative of "Electricity lines of Armenia" company reported that during the previous week 32 electricity posts had been changed where needed. The programs of 2013 have provided to go on restoration and changing of damaged electricity posts.

The head of the Department of Urban Development and Land Control reported that everyday control is set over prevention of illegal constructions and land occupation and elimination of their consequences, as well as over cleanness and proper look of the areas adjacent to building sites.

Regarding the hot lines functioning in the services subordinated to the Municipality of Yerevan and in the staffs of the heads of the administrative districts the head of the Department of Control reported that the main part of the issues raised by 180 and 96 calls received correspondingly was given positive responds and some of the issues are still being processed.

The head of the Department of Health Care reported that during the previous week within the frames of free medical aid action "For you, women" announced from March 8 till April 7 470 women applied to polyclinics, 238 of which with gynecological problems and 38 of them were sent to operation.

The head of the Department of Foreign Relations presented the process of implementation of the joint projects in various spheres within the framework of the agreements made with the mayor of Stepanakert during the visit of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan to the NKR and agreement signed previously with the aim of deepening the relationship and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two capitals. It was also reported that a working group formed by the Municipality of Stepanakert and headed by the first deputy of the Mayor of Stepanakert Suren Tamrazyan is in Yerevan with the aim of experience exchange with Yerevan partners and getting acquainted with the work on spot.