It has been instructed to go on implementing social programs for Syrian Armenians

Regarding the visit of the parents of fixed period service soldiers living in Yerevan to military units initiated by Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan on the occasion of the Army day it was reported during the regular working conference that more than 300 parents had a meeting with their sons serving in the army in the NKR, Tavush and Syunik marzes.
It was also reported that festive events are still being arranged in the administrative districts.


Regarding the control over meeting obligation concerning obligatory improvement of the surrounding public areas it was reported that corresponding penalties had been implied towards a number of entities failing their obligations. Conveying the persons in charge the directive of Mayor Taron Margaryan the Deputy Mayor Kamo Areyan conducting the conference urged to go on consistently the control over meeting their obligations concerning obligatory improvement of the public areas adjacent to their objects determined by the requirements of the decision of the Council of Elders of Yerevan.


Regarding everyday control over the quality of public transport service it was reported that 30 records had been drawn up for stopping vehicles in unpermitted places. It was also reported that shortly another 80 buses imported by a private person will increase the itineraries of urban transport. 


Related to gas supply of the blocks of flats in the 16th quarter it was reported that the preparations were coming to the end. The head of the Department of Social Welfare reported that by the instruction of the Mayor the process of showing social support to Syrian Armenian families is going on. During the last week 81 families got assistance, 31 ones got free medical aid. It was instructed to go on consistently showing social assistance to Syrian Armenians.