Mayor Taron Margaryan personally congratulated Honorary women-citizens of Yerevan

On the event of the Women’s International Day Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan personally congratulated Honorary citizens of Yerevan the Arm SSR People’s artist Varduhi Varderesyan and the RA People’s artist Svetlana Grigoryan.

Mayor Taron Margaryan expressing gratitude to beloved actress Varduhi Varderesyan for her contribution to the Armenian drama art, for her role she played in generations’ upbringing with the parts embodied by her and stressed that the Municipality is willing to support any programs and initiatives aimed at development of culture in the capital, particularly, at drama art development.

Varduhi Varderesyan in her turn expressed gratitude for shown attention and warm treatment and noted that appreciation is more obligatory.

The visit of Mayor Taron Margaryan to the beloved actress, the RA People’s artist Svetlana Grigoryan was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Congratulating the lady on the event the Mayor stressed that the characters created by the actress are still loved and recognized by the audience. Thanking for attention the actress especially emphasized her respect for the Mayor and in friendly atmosphere told about her scenic life.

Besides beautiful spring flowers Mayor Taron Margaryan handed the actresses symbolic souvenirs with the image of the founder of Yerevan King Argishti.