Mayor Taron Margaryan watched the work started in the administrative district of Malatia Sebastia

Within the framework of working tour carried out in Malatia Sebastia district Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan watched the process of the implementation of complex yard improvement provided by the annual program of the Municipality. Like the previous year this year private investors also expressed willingness to get involved in yard improvement programs and this fact proves once again the successful cooperation between the Municipality and private sector.

The yards at the buildings N 138 of B2 quarter and N 28-20 in Sebastia street in Malatia Sebastia district are being built by means of private investors.

Attaching importance to teamwork Mayor Taron Margaryan once again stressed that the Municipality is always open and willing to cooperate with all those organizations and individuals which wish to make their contribution to Yerevan improvement.

"Large-scale activities have already been started in Malatia Sepastia district and it’s notable that the cooperation between the Municipality, the administrative district and the private sector is successful here. Besides annual program of the Municipality, due to teamwork with the private sector we have improved a number of yards in this district and handed them to the residents. We will try to make similar cooperation in other administrative districts more active", said Taron Margaryan.

Within the visit to the district the Mayor got acquainted with the process of yard improvement in B2 quarter, in the yards in Sherami and Ohanovi streets in Malatia Sebastia district.

At the moment of the Mayor’s visit kerbs were being changed, the alleys were being paved, in some parts the yards were being cleaned from illegally occupied "kitchen gardens".

As the residents of the district assured they responded Mayor Taron Margaryan’s urge with pleasure and cleaned the “kitchen garden” areas by their own means in order to have a new and comfortable recreation zone equipped with nice bowers, benches, children’s games and provided with external lighting. In addition, the residents expressed their gratitude to the Mayor stressing that they had been waiting for having a playground for their children and a recreation zone for years, and today this wish is going to become true.

The head of the administrative district reported to the Mayor that complex yard improvement activities are going on in accordance with the determined schedule and are to be finished on time.

Within the framework of the tour Mayor Taron Margaryan also watched the process of installation of water-line in Andraniki street in A2 quarter. This problem was raised by the residents during one of the regular visits of the Mayor to Malatia Sebastia district. “The head of "Yerevan Jur" company reported to the Mayor that as a result of installation of this new water-line stretching along 700 linear meters the quarter will have stable water supply.

In general, with the aim of improvement of water supply and waste water discharge in the capital this year a number of investment projects are to be implemented in the capital and the process is under direct control of the Mayor. "In 2013 AMD 2,5 milliard has been provided for improvement of water supply and water discharge quality. We have 320 thousand subscribers in Yerevan and about 70% of them are provided with 24-hour water supply. We should take steps to ensure 24-hour water supply in the whole Yerevan in the nearest future", said the Mayor.