New activities programs of Yerevan development will significantly surpass the rates of 2012

The volumes of the activities planned in different spheres of urban economy for 2013 will significantly increase in comparison with the previous year. In particular, due to building and improvement programs asphalting of two and half million square meters is to be carried out in the capital in the current year. To exclude destruction of asphalt cover after overhauling all the enterprises developing their activities in the sphere of public service were instructed by Mayor Taron Margaryan during the regular working conference to finish all the activities of repairing communication network before starting the process of asphalting.


"The volumes are large, almost all the administrative districts have been included in the program. The list of the streets to be overhauled is already determined so give this list to "Yerevan Jur", "Yerevan Gas" and "Electricity network of Armenia" companies so that they could plan their activities to be carried out in these streets this year and after overhauling the asphalt cover there would be no need to dismantle it", stressed Mayor Taron Margaryan.


Before starting the basic program the responsible persons were instructed to carry out holes filling in the streets and yard areas. To protect green areas and create new ones in 2013 a new irrigation network of 20 km is to be installed. The Mayor instructed to plan the schedule of these activities so that this year tree planting would be realized only in irrigated areas. Regarding the control over meeting the contractual obligations of compulsory improvement of the adjacent public areas it was reported that corresponding penalties had been implied towards a number of entities failing their obligations. The responsible persons were instructed to carry on the control consistently so that the requirements of the decision of the Council of Elders of Yerevan concerning compulsory improvement of the public areas adjacent to their objects were met by economy entities. Besides, it was instructed to keep under control the process of waste removal and sanitary cleaning. In accordance with the schedule fixed within the road construction programs the process of building the new bypass motorway of 2,5 km length leading from Rubinyants street to Ulnetsi street as well as the construction of the highway connecting Leningradyan street with Isakov avenue are going on. Mayor Taron Margaryan instructed the responsible persons to keep under everyday control the process and quality of work .


Everyday control is going on as well over the quality of public transport service. It was reported that the previous week another mini-bus route had been replaced with bus route. It was also reported that in February the urban transport itineraries will be replenished with 80 buses imported by private sector. On the Mayor's instruction the process of social assistance to Syrian Armenian families is going on. In this regard the head of the Department of Social Welfare reported that 350 families got assistance in January, 137 families got free medical aid. It was instructed to carry on the social assistance to Syrian Armenian families.


It was reported that to implement the instruction of Yerevan Mayor the telephone numbers of hot lines functioning in the Municipality and the administrative districts were stuck in appropriate visible places including blocks of flats to ensure proper awareness of the population, and the residents of the private houses will be handed out visiting cards with the phone numbers of hot lines working in the staffs of corresponding administrative districts.