New technolab in Yerevan Central Library after Isahakyan

The new technological laboratory opened in “The Central Laboratory after A. Isahakyan” SNCO Branch 33. Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan and the US Ambassador to Armenia Lynne Tracy were present at the ceremony of opening the lab equipped with modern technologies.
Stressing the importance of the new educational centre Mayor Marutyan noted that it will give the readers of the library the opportunity to make use of new technologies.
“This is what we exactly need-to raise our traditions to a new level in the sphere of technologies and give people new tools to get educated and developed. I spent my childhood in this area, our flat was on the other side of the street. And when we were free from school and lessons we used to examine every stone and every corner of this area. Today I am glad for the youth of this quarter, as besides outdoor games they can come to this wonderful centre and spend their spare time here”, said the Mayor and thanked US Ambassador Lynne Tracy for the support.
Ambassador Tracy in her turn stressed the importance of effective cooperation and expressed confidence that it will be continuative.
“The USA and Armenia have the same opinion in the issue that in the global society which is becoming more and more interrelated, the guarantee of youth success is the education-science, technologies, architecture and mathematics. I hope that the new Technolab will help enrich the interest for technologies in Armenia”, said the Ambassador.
The Mayor and the Ambassador walked about the centre, familiarized themselves with the facilities, talked to the students.
The Technolab is equipped with computers, 3D printers, necessary tools and devices for coding and robotics. The aim of the Technolab is to provide free opportunities particularly for young people to develop their skills in new technology.
Coding and programming classes will be taught here. The visitors can also bring their own devices and use them ere. The contruction is also available for people with locomotor disabilities. All the services and programs of the centre will be free of charge.