Taron Margaryan: No matter how old we are, we stay children for our parents

On the International Day of Children's Protection Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan together with his wife and 5 children visited Yerevan Zoo, where festive events were held. The Mayor walked about the park, talked to the parents and congratulated the children wishing them peaceful sky, health and carefree childhood. Taking the opportunity the parents thanked the Mayor for the organization of the festive events in the capital and for providing children's high mood.

Answering the journalists' questions Taron Margaryan noted that everyone feels delight with parents' permanent care.
“Frankly speaking, I think that children's holiday is our common holiday as each of us, no matter how old he is stays a child for his parents. This feeling is particularly characteristic for Armenians, as parents never stop taking care of their children. Even when the children become parents themselves. In my opinion, it is one of our best features and I hope we will never lose it. At eh same time the ties between parents and children are also expressed in their love for their native land and state. And we must hand down this traditions to our children so that they go on the matter of strengthening our country and our state”, said the Mayor of Yerevan.
As a result of the activities carried out within the frames of reconstruction and development program for 2014-2015 today this recreation zone became more attractive and convenient. On the model Taron Margaryan was shown the details of the 2nd stage of the program of the Zoo reconstruction. This year new cages will be built and existing ones will be expanded.
“Today we can state that Yerevan Zoo is the best ne in the region and everyone visits it with pleasure. We have completed only the first stage of the program of the Zoo improvement and soon we plan to start the second stage. I assure you that as a result of the program implementation wider cages will be constructed for animals and they will make it possible to see the animals in more natural environment. By the way, on the event of the holiday we make a surprise for the visitors of the Zoo. The admission to the zoo will be free of charge throughout the day”, said Taron Margaryan.
Festive actions were organized for the children at the Zoo: they were met by clowns and the heroes of favourite cartoons. High mood was reigning everywhere.