Taron Margaryan watched the process of the first spring clean-up

On March 23 spring clean-ups started in Yerevan.

Mayor Taron Margaryan watched the clean-up activities in different administrative districts, visited the sites where complex sanitary cleaning is needed which the residents frequently turn into dumps.

In Kanaker Zeitun district the mayor watched the activities of cleaning of the area adjacent the railway and the cemetery where due to involving special machinery the rubbish, soil masses and stones piled for years had been removed.

In Shengavit district the area adjacent to Karmir Blur has also been cleaned due to involvement of the residents of the district.

"Within the frames of the clean-up we have provided to clean the areas chronically turned into dumps and this process I have watched in person. In this regard more intensive activities were implemented and the result is more visible, I think that the obligation to keep the city clean is related to only to city authorities but also to residents. Only this way it will be possible to have a clean city. And taking the opportunity I'd like to thank all the residents, non-governmental organizations, state and private establishments which responded to our urge and participated and are going to participate in today's and tomorrow's citywide clean-up", said Taron Margaryan.

In the administrative district of Arabkir Taron Margaryan visited the yard at Mamikonyants 36/8 which is included in the program of yard areas improvement of 2013.

The improvement activities directed at removing illegal fences and rubbish from the areas covered with trees will start in a few days.

By the way, the residents themselves demolished the fences of the "kitchen gardens" left neglected and afterwards took part in removing the piled rubbish from there.

Mayor Taron Margaryan also watched the process of cleaning of the end of the central park in Davtashen district, and in Avan district-the process of cleaning of the Getar river bed.