The connecting road of the Ulnetsi and Rubinyants streets has been put into operation

The construction of the new motorway of 2,6 km lenght connecting Ulnetsi and Rubinyants streets which was started in May, 2012 has been completed. The carriage way of the road is 9 m, the width of the walkways in both sides is 1,5 m.

Due to the reconstruction of the railway bridge adjacent to Almast factory, a new transport junction was created in fact in this segment of Kanaker Zeitun district. The length of the bridge is 66 m, the width of the carriage way is 7,5 m. There are one-meter-wide walkways in both sides of the bridge. Two approaching roads of 290 meters of total length connecting the new road to Rubinyants street have been constructed too. Monolith concrete headwalls of 230 linear meters have been built, new safety handrails have been installed. New staircases have been constructed to provide the population’s approach and passage. A new sewage system for domestic rubbish of 2210 linear meters, as well as a new drainage system of 2040 linear meters has been constructed along the whole road, the gas pipe of 680 meters lenght has been re-installed. The new road junction has been provided with a new system of lighting: 86 pillars with 172 lanterns have been installed.

The road has been marked, corresponding road signs have been installed as well.

At the end of the construction the areas adjacent to the road have been completely cleaned-up and improved.

Due to the newly-built road junction the traffic at the junction of David Anhakht, P. Sevak and Rubinyants streets, as well as in Rubinyants and Ulnetsi streets will be significantly relieved.