The decade of school events dedicated to the 54th birthday of Sparapet Vazgen Sargsyan has been completed

The decade of military-patriotic measures held in the basic school N173 after Vahagn Vardanyan on the event of 54th birthday of Vazgen Sargsyan by the initiative of the Department of General Education of the Municipality of Yerevan has been completed.

"The pupils have had the opportunity to have meetings with the friends and relatives of Sparapet, to get acquainted more closely with Vazgen Sargsyan's biography and martial way due to various visits. This is an additional stimulus to strengthen the martial-patriotic upbringing of schoolchildren. Pupils of both basic and high schools participated in the events", said the head of the department of General Education Gayane Soghomonyan.

Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Vano Vardanyan congratulated the winners of shooting contest held within the framework of the events on behalf of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan and handed them in diplomas and encouraging prizes.

The shooters recognized best as a result of memorial contest had demonstration performances.