The issues related to development of the sphere of tourism

The adviser to the Mayor of Yerevan Aram Sukiasyan had a meeting with the organizers and participants of the 12th international tourism exhibition "CTS 2013" being held in Yerevan. Greeting the guests on behalf of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan and introducing the position of the Municipality regarding tourism development and the ongoing programs Aram Sukiasyan pointed out that being one of the oldest cities in the world Yerevan is of special tourism interest. "The Municipality is open and willing to discuss and put into life different projects directed at tourism promotion", said the adviser to the Mayor adding that the international tourism exhibition organized in Yerevan is an important platform for establishing and expanding partnership in the sphere.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of those present the president of the Armenian Association of Travel Agents Simon Khachatryan stressed that particularly in the recent years Yerevan municipality takes significant steps towards tourism development. "I am sure that the policy adopted by Mayor Taron Margaryan will be enduring and tourism companies will get further Municipality support", said the President of the AATA.

The member of the department of Turkish tourism agencies Tengiz Kelekchi who was present at the meeting and who is one of the initiators of Van-Yerevan flights noted that in Armenia, particularly in Yerevan he discovered a lot of new interests which can be really attractive and interesting for traveling of various types. According to the agreement made at the end of the meeting, in the nearest future more concrete issues related to cooperation in tourism sphere are going to be discussed.