The council of Yerevan approved the local taxes and duties rates of 2013

At the current meeting held on November 28 the Council of Elders of Yerevan approved the draft decision on including audit service with the aim of carrying out independent audit on the annual report on the implementation of the budget of Yerevan of 2012.

The Council approved by unanimous voting the proposal submitted by "Medical Invest" Ltd. Co. to sign a contract on accredited management of stocks of the closed joint stock company "Kanaker Zeitun" medical center» and to make investments in the company. In case of the implementation of the transaction of accredited management the "Medical Invest" Ltd takes the responsibility provided by the treaty to make within 10 years investment of AMD 2 400 000 000(two milliard four hundred million) with the aim of overhauling the medical center, implementation of reconstruction, filling it with up-to-date equipment.

Taking into account the proposals submitted by the heads of the administrative districts of Yerevan, as well as following the principle of zoning provided by point 6 of the 1st part of paragraph 12th of the RA law "On local self-government in Yerevan" for different duties, the Council of Elders of Yerevan determined by unanimous voting the rates of local taxes and duties for 2013 on the administrative territory of Yerevan.

The Council of Elders of Yerevan also approved the draft decisions on placing memorial boards of Artsakh war azatamartik Haik Khachatryan and of the founder of the Armenian National Art Gallery Ruben Drambyan.