The Mayor of Yerevan had a working tour in the administrative district of Erebuni

To get personally acquainted with the process of building improvement program provided for 2013 Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan will carry out regular inspections to the administrative districts of the capital. In this context the Mayor familiarized himself with the planned as well already started work in the administrative district of Erebuni.

Within the scope of the tour Mayor Taron Margaryan first of all solemnly opened together with the residents the yard adjacent to the hostels in Avanesov street, the Mayor walked about the yard, got acquainted with the work done, talked to the residents.

Today the yard area which used to be neglected for years has replenished the number of hundreds of well-arranged yards in the capital. Equipped with nice bowers, benches, children's playgrounds this comfortable recreation zone has been an expected and desired present as the residents said, and for this they expressed gratitude to the Mayor.

Taron Margaryan, introducing the plans of the Municipality for this year and his approaches assured that the programs of complex yard improvement will be long-lasting. "As we have promised our residents, this year again our projects will be directed at proportional development of Yerevan, and in this context the community budget anticipated improvement and building activities in another 400 yards, gardens and parks. The start of the program has already been given and the process will soon be noticeable in all the administrative districts", said the Mayor.

The inhabitants of the hostel 127/1 in 35th street of Nor Aresh taking the opportunity expressed gratitude to Mayor Taron Margaryan for rapid respond to their problem of replacing them from the building with 4th degree accidence rate. The Mayor informed the beneficiaries that by the end of the year the construction of a new building in Achapnyak district will have been finished.

Within the framework of the tour Mayor Taron Margaryan also got acquainted with the process of complex yard improvement already started in Erebuni district. The head of the administrative district presented the Mayor the projects anticipated in a number of yards in Artsakh street and in Nor Aresh quarter within which the process of cleaning the areas from illegal “kitchen gardens” and improvement had already been started.

In accordance with the program, the area adjacent to the 1st lane of Azatamartikneri street will also be equipped with playing attractions, sport equipment and football pitch, which will replenish the number of newly-created recreation zones in Erebuni district.

Mayor Taron Margaryan had a talk with the residents, hear out to the raised problems and on spot instructed the responsible persons to take into account the suggestions of the residents and let them participate in the projects being implemented in the district. The residents expressed their pleasure to the Mayor stressing that the creation of a recreation zone was really necessary.

During his inspection visit the Mayor also watched the process of spring cleaning, tree pruning and decoration in Erebuni district. Taron Magaryan instructed the responsible persons to pay tight attention to formation of green zones and provision of irrigation systems in the yards and recreation zones.

Mayor Taron Margaryan also visited the historical and cultural reserve-museum "Erebuni". This year within the framework of Yerevan development program the building of the "Erebuni" museum will be provided with individual heating.

"There are 20 museums in Yerevan 4 of which are subordinated to the Municipality. Two of the four museums are provided with heating and the other two (one of which is the Erebuni museum) have the problem with heating. In 2013 budget we have anticipated to regulate the problem of heating in these two museums. In a few days the start will be given and the problem of heating in the museums subordinated to the Municipality will be withdrawn from the agenda", said Taron Margaryan.

The Mayor walked about the museum, got acquainted with the exhibitions and left his note in the Book of Honorary Guests.