The New Year address of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan

Dear compatriots, dear residents of Yerevan I'd like to congratulate all of us on the New Year and Christmas holiday. New Year is the most family holiday for each of us, it's also the most expected and the kindest. God grant, all your good dreams come true this year, let all your hopes and expectations be realized. I heartily wish all you families to bring in the New Year in a high mood. I also wish the New Year to be a real holiday for all of you both at home or outside it. The passing year has certainly left its trace in the history of Yerevan. In parallel with success in different spheres of urban economy the year was full of new events which introduced Yerevan to the world not only as a city of centuries-old cultural heritage but also as the World Book Capital, hospitable and warm capital of our hearts. As a result of effective and coordinated work we have been able to provide improvements in various fields due to our united work, due to your trust and devotion. I am sure that we will go on working with such confidence and devotion in 2013 and in all the coming years to realize new initiatives, new projects, to create the Yerevan we all have always dreamt of- safe, clean and comfortable Yerevan. Yerevan is our common home, our family. And in this big family I feel your joy with you and sincerely join the best regards which are wished to one another. Let all the hardships and everyday troubles stay behind and the New Year become the beginning of new success and achievements, let the New Year bring peace and welfare to our country and to our families! Dear compatriots, dear residents of Yerevan, dear guests of the capital Let me once again wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. I wish you health, endless love and family happiness.