The New Year dreams of children have become true

On the threshold of the New Year Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan was addressed letters by 6 children of 3 families. In their letters the children expecting a New Year miracle asked Santa Claus to bring them the presents they had been waiting for a long time. The Mayor of Yerevan passed the children’s request to Santa Claus and asked his to realize the children’s dreams. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden first of all visited 14-year-old Hovhannes Buniatyan and his 4-year–old cousin Hakob who was presented the bicycle mentioned in the letter and Hovhannes received the promised computer. The dreams of 9-year-old Erica and 4-year-old Alex have also come true. They were handed roller skates and a collection of cars correspondingly. And sister Alaverdyans, Marina and Natalie in their letter to Santa addressed to the Mayor Yerevan asked for toy cooking battery, drawing supplies and dolls. Their dreams certainly have come true, too. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden visited the children provided their good mood and prepared other pleasant surprises for the children on the event of the New Year and Christmas.