The plans for 2013 in the sphere of general education


In 2013 the large-scale programs of the Municipality will be directed at the improvement of conditions in educational establishments subordinated to the Municipality particularly in pre-schooling educational establishments as well as at property renewal. The programs for the current year were introduced by the head of the Department of General Education Gayane Soghomonyan.


This year AMD 550 million has been disbursed to kindergartens overhauling. The property program started since last year will go on and will be completed if there is necessity. The head of the Department of General Education said the data related to inventory and the quantity of necessary equipment and furniture had been received from the administrative districts.


Gayane Soghomonyan pointed out the positive results of the control over the quality of food catering in kindergartens carried out last year and stressed that the process of food catering is at the permanent focus of attention of Mayor Taron Margaryan. To improve the quality of pre-schooling education the teachers in the kindergartens for the first time have been given auxiliary teaching appliances.


In 2013 a program of supplying the municipality subordinated schools with new technologies is to be implemented due to the agreement achieved with UCOM company. Taking into account the results of the preliminary program carried out in the school N 156 last year, in 2013 another 15 schools will be supplied with new technologies with appropriate equipment and the possibilities of high-quality Internet.


"Dasaran.am is a very important tool, a wonderful means of ties between pupils, teachers and parents", said Gayane Soghomonyan. This interactive system installed in schools makes it possible for parents to control the educational progress of their children. It also gives the opportunity to the Ministry and the General Education Department to set complex control over the process of school management.


This year some schools will be equipped with wheelchair platforms as well. "The program of inclusive education expansion in basic schools is being implemented jointly with the Ministry of Science and Education. Today 1180 pupils beneficiaries of this program study at the basic schools of Yerevan whose food catering and transport arrangement are financed by the Municipality of Yerevan", said the head of the department.


The head of the Department of Education also referred to the problem of education of Syrian Armenian children. "320 Syrian Armenian children who study at "Cilician" lyceum functioning in the school N 14 are considered to be full pupils of the school and the teachers teaching them are also the members of the school staff so both the pupils and the teachers are financed by the Municipality of Yerevan", said Gayane Soghomonyan.


The head of the Department reminded once again by the initiative of the Mayor with the aim of activation the feedback with the residents the hot lines functioning in the Municipality due to which the residents can inform about all the problems referring to the sphere of education as well and to have a meeting with the heads of the department every week on a fixed day.