The residents of Yerevan appreciated the changes taken place in Yerevan

The residents of Yerevan appreciated the changes taken place in Yerevan The results of «Yerevan people about Yerevan» surveys have been published by the Armenian Association of Marketing and the Armenian representation of Gallup International Association. To get acquainted with the results and comment them Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Kamo Areyan was invited to the presentation. 78 % of the residents of Yerevan participated in the survey gave positive assessment of the changes recorded in the capital in the recent year, 24 of which assessed them as fully positive. 6% of the respondents assessed the changes as «rather negative», 4% as generally negative. "A rather interesting list of questions was selected. The questions complexly characterized almost all the annual community programs and the situation in the city. Positive rates are evident and where the results are troublesome there are serious question addressed to us. 78 % of positive responds is a really notable rate and this means that we are obliged to do more for our city and our residents", said Kamo Areyan getting acquainted with the results. Many of the problems mentioned by the residents are included in the nest year’s programs, for example the problem of waste management and sanitary cleaning of the capital is being solved: the servicing company will become known after summarizing the results of competitions and will be delegated contractual obligations by the end of next year. As the main problem facing Yerevan the residents mentioned social problems which exist in the social sphere of the whole republic: unemployment, growth of prices and so on and among the problem referring particularly the capital 22% mentioned waste management,21% -the problem of public transport, 4%-ecological problems. 1& is concerned about building activities, another 1% is unsatisfied with water supply. At the first place of the positive changes carried out by the Municipality of Yerevan 18% of the respondents mentioned the increased number of landscaped areas; 17% mentioned improvement of yard areas, 13% mentioned the new benches, 7% pointed out the new playgrounds, other positive changes were appreciated in other percentage. Though landscaping is on the leading place of the positive changes 41% of the respondents expects more active programs. 29% of the respondents gave the second place of desirable measures to construction of playgrounds, the third place with 28% both is divided between cultural events and Saturday clean-ups. 17% of the respondents wants to see more regular sport events. Positive responds prevail in the categories offered as features of Yerevan. 32 % are satisfied with cultural life of Yerevan, 22% is fully satisfied. 9% considers the cultural life scarce and 7% is not satisfied at all. Urban transport satisfies 25 %, completely satisfies 13% and 21% is not satisfied at all. Landscaped areas again occupied the highest place-40%, another 26 is completely satisfied, 4% is unsatisfied, 7% is partially unsatisfied. 1% of the respondents is unsatisfied with night lighting carried out in Yerevan in the recent one year, 37 % is satisfied with it and 39% is fully satisfied. The rest part found it difficult to answer or are partially unsatisfied. The majority of respondents are for forbidding smoking in public places particularly in educational establishments. The respondents assessed separately the work of the administrative districts in accordance with landscaping, lighting, safety, cleanness rates. The leaders are Kentron, Avan and Davtashen districts, others yield a little.