The results of the 4th social program “Yerevan-city of love” carried out within the frames of the events dedicated to the 2799th anniversary of Yerevan

For the 4th year running Yerevan Municipality has carried out the social program within the frames of “Erebuni-Yerevan 2799” program of events. Today the program “Yerevan –city of love” being held from 2 to 11 of October has been over.

Throughout 9 days, nearly 100 employees of Yerevan Municipality and administrative districts of the capital were visiting the families and conveying them the congratulations of Yerevan Mayor and the presented in the form of household appliances.
It should be noted that the program particularly involved scientists, culture figures, medical workers, distinguished teachers, families form Syria, elderly people, families with many children, families of participants of Artsakh war, families of servicemen fallen or injured and disabled at the front line in April war, veterans of the great patriotic was, families with two servicemen at the same time, young families and the families included in a number of other social groups.
The social program dedicated to the holiday of Yerevan foundation has been carried out for the 4th time and has become popular with the residents.