There was an announcement of a strong warning to the director of the Zoo

The working group formed by the instruction of Mayor Taron Margaryan with the aim of repairing of badly-damaged balconies in the blocks of flats in the capital invented the buildings with such problems. During the regular working conference it was reported that the design estimate documentation of the balconies of primary necessity are already ready. The Mayor instructed to finish preparations as soon as possible and to start the process of restoration. Within the framework of landscaping programs of this year the principle of landscape design of streets and squares is to be carried out. The sketch versions of the areas provided in the administrative district of Kentron are already ready. It was also reported that in the context of proportional development of Yerevan the sketch versions for the rest of the administrative districts will soon be ready, too. It was said that the activities directed at checking the systems of irrigation, restoration of damages and preparations for installation of new networks are going on. According to the schedule fixed within road construction programs, the work is going on the new bypass motorway of 2,5 km length leading from Ulnetsi street to Rubinyants street and the motorway connecting Isakov avenue to Leningradyan street. Mayor Taron Margaryan instructed the responsible persons to pay special attention to improvement and landscaping of the surrounding areas in parallel with road construction activities. It was also reported that before staring the main programs of building and improvement holes filling activities are going on in the streets and yard areas of the capital. Regarding everyday control over the quality of public transport service it was reported that the previous week some records had been drawn up for parking vehicles in forbidden places and regarding drivers’ smoking in the cabin. The Mayor instructed to go on consistently the control over the cases of drivers’ smoking in the cabin and turning on loud music. It was also instructed to keep under everyday control the proper arrangement of the work of leisure centers functioning on the ground floors or in the basements of blocks of flats after midnight in accordance with the order determined by law. "At the beginning of this year I instructed not to give permission for work to the leisure centers starting their work after 24.00 which would get complains even from one resident of that building or the neighbouring ones because of mismanagement of their work. Today we already have positive responses from our residents however it doesn't means that we could be satisfied with the results. All the responsible services should follow strictly maintenance of determined norms and respond at once each alarm call received from residents”, said Taron Margaryan. By the instruction of the Mayor the process of showing social support to the Syrian Armenian families is carried on. In this regard the head of the Department of Social Welfare reported that the previous week 37 Syrian Armenian families got allowance and 37 ones got free medical aid. It was instructed to go on the process consistently. It was reported that to fulfill the instruction of the Mayor of Yerevan the residents of the houses in private sectors were given the visiting cards with the hot lines phone numbers functioning in the Municipality and the administrative districts. The process is to be carried on. It was also reported that the process of reception the applications is going on within the frames of employment process in landscaping, waste removal and sanitary cleaning organizations as well as in the Municipality subordinated transport companies. Mayor Taron Margaryan informed the participants of the conference that the headmasters of two schools subordinated to the Municipality were reprimanded because of pre-election propaganda and for developing political activities. A strict reprimand was also made to the director of the Yerevan Zoological garden for the recent fall of animals. The Department of Control was instructed by Mayor Taron Margaryan to study the conditions of keeping animals and the process going there in general. In case of revealing violations the Mayor instructed to apply corresponding means of punishment.