Yerevan 2013 Development plan

The primary task of building and improvement sphere of the capital in 2013 is repairing and construction of roads and transport nodal points as well as repairing and overhauling of streets. The activities provided for 2013 by the Municipality in the sphere of building and improvement and included in the program of development have been introduced by Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Kamo Areyan. "In particular the program of asphalting makes up about 2,5 million kilometers and this rates really excel all the previous annual programs.


All the administrative districts are included. The program tends to the principle announced by Yerevan Mayor many times: to provide proportional development of all the administrative districts of Yerevan including all infrastructures and components-building, improvement, development and so on”, stressed Kamo Areyan. Within the annual program the streets of important significance in different administrative districts are to be overhauled including the streets connecting the districts and leading to marzes. The activities planned in 30 big streets included in the program are to be started in spring.



This year another 8 overground crossings are to be put into operation and according to the Deputy Mayor the crossings are demanded by residents. Kamo Areyan particularly said that those segments had been chosen for construction of overground crossings which were near educational and trade flows. This year two large transport nodal points significant for unloading the traffic in Yerevan, are to be put into operation. They are the express highway connecting Isakov avenue to Leningradyan street and the Ulnetsi Rubinyants junction. The Municipality is going to initiate since spring repairing and construction activities in yard areas. As in 2012, this year 400 yards are to be put into operation too. "The same principle is applied: all the administrative districts are included.

The same technology is to be used as the previous year: everything necessary for a yard area is to be constructed ( children’s and sport games, benches, green areas, lighting, drinking water fountains", said Kamo Areyan adding that the areas illegally occupied by the residents are already cleared up by them so as not to create obstacles while expanding the areas. The charitable company "Pyunik" has already donated 830 units of sport and 40 units of children’s games which have been distributed among administrative districts after finishing improvement of yard areas they are to be installed there.

The tendency of increasing green areas year by year will be kept this year as well and with the aim of enlarging the volumes of landscaping another 20 km of new irrigation systems is provided in 2013 in Yerevan ( in 2012 the irrigation system was increased by 14 km). "We still have uncultivated lawn areas which will be involved with the aim of creating new lawns and flowered spots. The Nature Protection Council adjunct to the Mayor has already presented the list of sorts of trees which are favourable for Yerevan. It’s a reasonable professional opinion for us", said the Deputy Mayor. Kamo Areyan pointed out in the program of 2013 the instruction to create a large recreation zone in administrative districts and outlined the examples of the zones created in Erebuni, Achapnyak, Shengavit and Nork Marash districts last year. "Taking into account big volumes of the programs in the spheres of landscaping, improvement, sanitary cleaning we realized that our man power is not enough to implement these programs. We have already announced that we need additional 200 workers", said Kamo Areyan.



There are vacancies in the sphere of transport as well. We need 150 drivers with "D" qualification to drive the new imported buses. Kamo Areyan noted this month 80 buses are to be imported by private companies, another 48 are expected in March. "We have set a task to reduce gradually the number mini-buses, replacing them with buses of medium and big capacity for this is of big importance for providing high quality of public transport service", summarized Kamo Areyan.