Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan had a working tour in the administrative district of Achapnyak

During his regular working tour Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan watched the activities carried out in Achapnyak district within the Municipality programs of 2013.

Presenting the Mayor the activities of complex yard improvement being carried out here and the anticipated projects the head of the administrative district reported that they are going on in accordance with determined schedule.

The yard areas at Shinararneri 15/1, 15/2 and Halabyan 51 and 53 are being prepared for improvement. According to the program, these yard areas are to become special recreation centers furnished with benches, bowers and modern playing attractions.

These yard areas will be provided with external lighting and a new irrigation system as well. The residents expressed their satisfaction and gratitude to the Mayor for yard improvement stressing that they are looking forward to having a well-arranged yard.

Mayor Taron Margaryan once again stressed that all the program provisions are aimed at having a comfortable and attractive capital, In this context it was instructed to set everyday control over the performance of implementation and landscaping. "The improvement activities have already been started in Achcapnyak district as well and the process is going on at full speed. In comparison with 2012 the volumes of improvement in this administrative district have been doubled. According to the program, we will pass to the residents’ management not only well-arranged yard areas but also comfortable recreation zones and parks", said the Mayor.

During the tour the mayor got acquainted with the process of implementation of gas supplying program in the blocks of flats in the 16th quarter of Achapnyak district which is being carried out due to joint initiative of the Municipality of Yerevan and “ArmRusGasInd” CJSC.

The responsible persons reported that the gas supply of the 18th block had been provided a few hours before. Visiting one of the flats of the block Mayor Taron Margaryan personally congratulated the owners of the flat on the event of having natural gas supply at last.

When the program has been implemented 3600 flats will be provided with gas supply. "During the last 20 years the problem of gas supply in 29 blocks of flats of the 16th quarter in Achapnyak has been raised by the residents many times. And this year due to the Government financing, as a result of teamwork with “ArmRusGasInd” CJSC the problem will be solved", said Taron Margaryan.

During his visit the Mayor also got acquainted with the process of installation of sewage system at Sisakyan 18 and 20.

Outlining the problem of the residents of the buildings with 4th grade accidence rate as a problem of priority in Yerevan development programs, by the initiative of Mayor Taron Margaryan the program of social significance concerning providing the residents of the 4th grade accidence rate buildings with new flats has been included in annual activities of building improvement and the start has already been given.

During his working tour Mayor Taron Margaryan also watched the process of building of new blocks of flats at Sisakyan 22 and Margaryan 37.

"In Yerevan we have about 10 buildings with 4th grade of accidence rate. Today the problem is at the focus of attention of the RA Government and the Municipality of Yerevan. This year we are going to put into operation two blocks of flats, at Sisakyan 22 the work is coming to its end, at Margaryan 37 the building process will be finished within the current year and approximately 220 flats will be passed to the residents.

The program will be long-lasting and in the coming years other new blocks will be built by the Municipality so that the problem of the residents living in the buildings of 4th grade accidence rate could be completely solved", stressed Taron Margaryan.