Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan had a working tour to the administrative district of Arabkir

Within the frames of working tour in Arabkir district Mayor Taron Margaryan got acquainted with the process of implementation of the program of heating in the library N 33 in Arabkir district. In 2013 the problem of providing all the libraries with heating is to be solved.

The 16 libraries of 36 ones subordinated to the Municipality had no heading but due to this year’s program they will be provided with individual heating which will promote comfortable conditions in the libraries for readers.

"In 2012 we completely solved the problem of heating in kindergartens and schools. This year the task is set to complete heating in the libraries and cultural centers subordinated to the Municipality. Today libraries need repairing as well and in the further programs these activities will be involved, too”, said the Mayor.

Within the scope of the tour Mayor Taron Margaryan accompanied by the head of the administrative district visited the building sites of the yards being improved. Within the framework of the program of complex yard improvement and recreation zone creation large-scale work is going on in Arabkir district.

The residents of the yards at Komitas 48,54 as well as Griboedov 5 will have the opportunity to spend their spare time in their yards in summer. The start of this project has arisen great enthusiasm among residents. Taking the opportunity they expressed gratitude to the Mayor for constant attention shown the problems of the residents.

The yard areas at Adonts 9 and Arabkir 39 will be equipped with new playgrounds, benches and bowers. The start of building activities has already been given.

The responsible persons reported to the Mayor that the activities will be over in accordance with the fixed schedule and the recreation zones will be handed to the residents on time.

Within the frames of the program of complex yard improvement, in parallel with installation of new playing attractions small football pitches are also being placed. Within the scope of the visit Mayor Taron Margaryan watched the process of setting a small football pitch in the yard of the buildings at Griboedov 13 and Mamikonyants 35.

The activities directed at creation of comfortable yards have been also started in the yard area of the buildings 1-8 neighbouring Kanaker HEPS. The start of the improvement project arose great enthusiasm among the residents of the district. Expressing gratitude to the Mayor for the initiative the residents assured that they will treat their yard with care.

"In the issue of proportional development of the capital we have adopted firm policy, and in Arabkir district we have chosen such areas for complex yard improvement and formation of recreation zones are chosen where no improvement had been carried out for years. Soon the results will be visible in more than 400 yards", said the Mayor.