Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan is present at the ceremony of annual literature awards of Chales Aznavour

Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan who is in Marseille with an official visit, accompanied by Marseille Vice Mayor Didier Parakyan visited the cinema hall Le Cesar, where the solemn ceremony of handing the annual literature award after chares Aznavour was held.
It should be noted that the awards held at the initiative of legendary French chansonier Armenian by nation Charles Aznavour and under his high patronage, is based on the assessment of cultural and humanitarian values and annually the Chales Aznavour Prize is awarded to one of writers.
In 2017, the French writer Nikolas Pagnol became Laureate of Literature Prize for his book “Marcel Pagnol,1895-1974: album of one life”.
Before the ceremony of handing the prize Charles Aznavour greeted those present by video-bridge and taking the opportunity congratulated the Mayors of Yerevan and Marseille on the event of 25th anniversary of friendship and cooperation of the two cities.