Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan’s congratulation of the Armenian Army Day

Dear compatriots!
Today we are celebrating the Armenian Army Day. This holiday is very important to each of us, for each Armenian family has certainly participated and is participating in formation and strengthening our army. From the very ay of its formation our army has always felt the special respect of our people and it has always been rightly national army.
Being formed on the basis of self-defense quads at the battlefield the Regular Armenian Army, which has deserved the fame of the winner army due to courage and devotion of Armenian sons honorably carries on its mission of protecting the borders of our country from any intrusions. Today’s soldiers and officers of the Armenian Army are worthy successors of those who at the cost of their life defended the right of our people to live free and independently. Our brave heroes deserve glory and honour and we bow our heads to their memory.
Dear soldiers, respected officers, veterans and freedom fighters!
Congratulating you on the Army Day, on behalf of Yerevan Municipality and in person first of all I’d like to wish you peace, health, strong will and courage. I am sure you will go on serving our country and nation and I assure you that Yerevan Municipality will continue ll the programs aimed at strengthening the expansion of army-society ties.