Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan’s congratulation on the Day of Knowledge

Dear schoolchildren and students,teachers and parents and first form pupils!

I cordially congratulate everyone on this wonderful September holiday-the Day of Knowledge. This day is really a holiday for all of us as it an evidence of existence of the generation creating our new Armenia, it is an occasion to evaluate knowledge.
The deep respect for book and knowledge and striving for education have always been characteristic for our nation and it is not a coincidence that September 1 is so inspirational for children and young people, particularly for those who go to school for the first time. Wishing to keep the festive mood throughout the year we will carry on implementation of our programs.
High quality education is the main guarantee of our country development and the efforts made in this sphere are the guarantee of our worthy tomorrow. So I believe that the future years of study will become for our pupils an important and responsible period of development of abilities and talents, gaining knowledge and skills and as a result our country will have more patriotic, educated and responsible citizens.
My best wishes and congratulations on the beginning of the new academic year.