Yerevan Yerevan city council approved the awards and honorary titles

The Council of Elders of Yerevan confirmed the rewards and the honorary titles of the city of Yerevan At the first meeting of the 9th session of the Council of Elders convened on February 12 the Council unanimously voted for the decision on disbursing AMD 200,000.0 from the RA reserve fund to "Yerevan" foundation by the program of "Assistance to gas supply activities for the blocks of flats of the 16th quarter" with the aim of assisting in the process of gas supply in 29 blocks of flats in "Norashen" living quarter in Achapnyak district in accordance with the decision of the RA Government. By the same decision corresponding amount of money was disbursed with the aim of financing social allowance package to the employees of the Yerevan Metro after Karen Demirchyan.



With the aim of development of the sphere of landscaping, to make the city more attractive in accordance with the Council's decision corresponding amount of money will be disbursed for purchasing of additional 1500 goldish thuyas. By the decision f the Council of Elders of Yerevan, taking into account possible changes at real estate market from this time on the property considered to be Yerevan-owned is to be assessed for a year when allocating it for use or alienation and reassessed after this term.



By the decision of the Council some additional powers of the Mayor of Yerevan concerning giving corresponding permissions in the sphere of trade and services and concerning collecting local duties fixed for them have been delegated to the heads of the administrative districts. With the aim of rewarding and showing high appreciation to people for special public services, for significant contributions to social and economic development and welfare of Yerevan, for essential achievements in the spheres of science, healthcare, education, art, literature, sport and a number of other fields as well as for public, political, charity activities the Council confirmed the decision "On honorary titles and reward of the city of Yerevan".


So, the awards of the city of Yerevan are the Gold medal of the Mayor of Yerevan, prizes of the Mayor of Yerevan, the honorary diploma and the thanksgiving diploma of the Mayor of Yerevan. According to the decision, annual prizes of the Mayor of Yerevan are to be awarded in the spheres of literature and art, healthcare, science and education, physical culture, sport and tourism, journalism and information, urban development. By the Council’s decision, besides the title of Honorary Citizen of Yerevan, the titles of Yerevan Honorary teacher, Yerevan Honorary Doctor, Yerevan Honorary Art Worker, Yerevan Honorary Sport Worker, Yerevan Honorary Social Worker, Yerevan Honorary Rescuer and Yerevan Honorary Builder have been determined. In accordance with the Council’s decision the next regular meeting is to be convened on March 19, 2013.