The regular season of the Yerevan Zoological garden has been opened officially

Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan together with his wife and children participated in the opening of the regular season of the Yerevan Zoological garden.

In accordance with the tradition, on the occasion of the opening and by the instruction of the Mayor the entrance of all the children was free of charge on that day.

The high mood and merry environment of the children were ensured everywhere.

In different parts of the Zoo various actions were organized for little visitors. The heroes of favourite fairytales and clowns met children.

Accompanied by the director of the Zoo Mayor Taron Margaryan walked about the park, got acquainted with the conditions provided for the animals. The director of the zoo reported the Mayor that the activities planned the previous year have been mainly carried out and all the requirements set by the Municipality are gradually being put into life.

Talking with the journalists Mayor Taron Margaryan congratulated everybody on the event of opening the zoo and stressed that the programs of development are to be long-lasting.

“The organization of opening the season with festive events has become a pleasant and expected tradition for it provides high mood especially for little residents of Yerevan. I am sure that today our children together with their parents will have a good time again and leave the Zoo full of pleasant impressions. By the way, our parents also used to bring us the Zoo on May 1 and in fact we continue this good tradition. As regards the reconstruction of the Zoo the work is still going on, there is still a lot to be done, but we are sure that in the coming years we will have a completely reconstructed zoo full of new attractions”, said Taron Margaryan