Erebuni-Yerevan 2795

The schedule

of the events of the “Erebuni-Yerevan 2795” celebration

October 11-12  



14.00 Exhibition of the folk works of art, national games, national costumes, cuisine /The adjacent area of the "Erebuni" historical-archeological reserve-museum (Erebuni str)/

19.00 “It’s a celebration in Yerevan” concert program – The square of "Erebuni" historical-archeological reserve-museum



10.00 Watering machines parade in the streets of Yerevan

10.30 Yerevan Art – /The park after Martiros Saryan/

11.00 Washing of the monuments of Yerevan

11.00 Exposition of the city economy called "A better Yerevan" /The park after Mashtots/

11.30 “Old Yerevan: a glimpse for the future” screening of the photos /Barekamutyun, Marshal Baghramyan, Republic Square, "Zoravar Andranik" metro stations/

12.00 Children's software platform: puppet performances, entertaining games, clowns, magicians and fairy tale heroes  /Children’s park named after Kirov/

13.00 Screening of the facebook photos of “iYerevan” /Lovers’ Park/

13.00 Show performances of model aircraft constructors /Liberty Square/

13.30 Exhibition of Retro cars /Mashtots Avenue/

14.00 Children's art work outdoor exhibition /The adjacent area of the National Center of Aesthetics named after Henrik Igityan, Abovyan 13/

14.00 Festive parade /From Yerevan Municipality to Republic Square/

14.30 Marathon race 2975 meter /From Matenadaran to Sayat-Nova, Abovyan streets, Republic square/

14.30 Masters' city  – ceramics, carpet weaving, needlework, woodcraft /Northern Avenue/

14.30 Streetball competition /Northern Avenue/

15.00 Karaoke – Yerevan favorite songs /Northern Avenue/

15.00 Theater and circus performances /Northern Avenue/

15.00 Greetings from the world’s nations - /National minorities living in Armenia with their ethnic ensembles performances – S. Shahumyan square/

15.00 Video clip shooting about Yerevan /National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet official entry/

15.30 The national and folk music /The crossroad of the Mashtots and Buzand streets/

15.30 Yerevan yard games competitions /English Park/

16.00 Windsurfing competitions-show /Swan Lake/

16.30 Holy Translator Day /The adjacent area of Matenadaran/

16.30 Cycling /Argishti str.– Italy str. – Republic Square – Nalbandyan str. – Sayat –Nova – Mashtots Avenue – Isakov Avenue up to the cycling ground/

17.00 Chess contest with the participation of famous chess players / Charles Aznavour square/

17.00 Pop concert and discotheque /Liberty Square /

18.00 Rock concert /Charles Aznavour square/

18.00 Jazzmen for Yerevan /Cascade complex, The Cafesjian Foundation/

18.00 Classical music concert /Conservatory Park/

18.30 Copyrighted song platform- Lovers' Park

19.30 Gala Concert "The companion of my heart" - /Republic Square/

22.00 The youth discotheque "The companion of my heart" - /Republic Square/