“Come to Yerevan to enjoy holidays and high mood”: the lights on the main New Year Tree are turned on

The lights on the main New Year Tree of the country erected in Republic square have been turned on during the solemn ceremony. The RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan with the members of his family, Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan, officials, residents and guests of the capital took part in the ceremony.

Congratulating everyone on the coming holidays Mayor Hayk Marutyan invited everyone to come to Yerevan and celebrate the New Year and Christmas holidays together.
“Throughout the year I have had a number of opportunities to make sure that Yerevan townspeople are absolutely amazing people, devoted to their city, their land and nation. In 2019 they proved it again. We know how joyful it is to host our friends from other countries and have a good time together. At the same time we know how to overcome hardships and challenges, to take care of one another and be the owners of our native city. Dear co-citizens, taking this opportunity, I’d like to express m love and gratitude to you for your efforts, hard work and dedication. I am blessed to live in the same city with you, to have the opportunity to make Yerevan more comfortable and convenient in teamwork with you. In 2019 we joint our efforts and solved a number of problems, and we also planted the seeds which will bring fruits later, next year and some other years to come. We started to create systems which our city never used to have or which only the older generation can remember.
Today, holding our breath we together with our children are awaiting the New Year wonder again. As soon as the musical is over, I will turn the lights on the New Year Tree and the festive events of 2020 will start. I want these days to be spent as carefree and merrily as possible, and keeping in mind the old Christian tradition, we should not forget those who re in need and those who need us. First of all I mean the soldiers of the Armenian army who defend our borders and ensure our stability and peace.
Let’s celebrate and have fun together as we have deserved it. And in 2020 we will go on working hard.
High festive mood is reigning in Yerevan and I invite everyone to join us. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!” said the Mayor of the capital.
The festive event was accompanied with a fairytale musical performed by popular Armenian singers. The Mayor turned on the lights after the musical performance. Then the Prime Minister and the Mayor walked about the area, watched the pavilions of the Christmas Fair opened in the park after 2750t anniversary of Yerevan.