Erebuni-Yerevan 2796

The program of "Erebouni-Yerevan 2796" celebration

October 11


The area adjacent to «Erebouni» historical and archaeological reserve-museum-Erebouni street


14.00 Exhibition of the folk art works, national costumes, cuisine

15.00 Start of national games

16.00 A concert «Yerevan of young musicians»

16.30  Competition of  rope-walkers

17.00  A concert of national and folk songs

19.00  A concert program «There is a festival in Yerevan...» /the square of «Erebouni» historical and archaeological reserve-museum/



October 12


10.00  A parade of water sprinkling trucks along the streets of Yerevan

10.30  Yerevan ART /Saryan square/

11.00  Washing flashmob of the monuments of Yerevan

12.00  An exposition of urban development projects /nearby the monument to Tamanyan/

13.00  An open-air exhibition of children's an youth's creations /near the national aesthetic center after Henrikh Igityan, Abovyan 13/

14.00  A festive procession /from the Municipality of Yerevan to Republic square/

14.30  A marathon race of 2796 m /from Matenadaran, along Sayat Nova, Abovyan streets to Republic square/

15.00  A choreographic show «My old and new Yerevan» /Republic square/

15.00  Children's festive program /Children's park after Kirov-puppet shows, entertaining games, clowns, conjurers and fairytale heroes/

15.00  Students' platform /Conservatoire park/

15.00  Theater and circus performances «A festive walk» /Northern avenue/

15.00  Sport show /Azatutyan square/

15.00  Photography pavilions «Three periods» /The service entrance to the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet»/

15.30  A greeting from the world nations /Performances of national minorities living in Armenia and ethnic ensembles /St. Shahumyan square/

15.30  A concert of national and folk art /Mashtots-Buzand crossing/

15.30  Competitions of Yerevan yard games /English park/

15.30  Pop-concert /St. Shahumyan square/

15.30  Karaoke /Ch. Aznavour square/

16.00  Windsurfing show /Swan's Lake/

16.30  Cycling races /Argishti street-Italy street-republic square-Nalbandyan street-Sayat Nova avenue- Mashtots avenue-Isakov avenue up to cycling track/

17.00  A concert of classical music /Conservatoire square/

17.30  Chess tournament with eminent chess players /Ch. Aznavour square/

18.00  Jazz concert /Cascade complex, Gafeschyan foundation/

18.00  Pop concert /St. Shahumyan/

18.30  A concert of bard singers /Moskovyan square/

19.30  Gala-concert «Yerevan is my home» /Republic square/

20.00  Rock concert /Azatutyan square/

22.00  Youth discothèque /Republic square/